Our Food

It takes a family to cook the way we do with recipes being passed down from both sides of the family and it’s about time that we share this to all. All the complex-yet-effortless everyday stuff that’s part of being a family is what goes into our food. Hardly cutting-edge, Twee’s Hut is a modern interpretation of traditional yet authentic flavors of Vietnam. While it is cliché to say it really begins with fresh ingredients – it’s not –you deserve the very best. You will be able to tell the love we have for our food when chowing down.


Fru-G Lifters

100% FRUITS &

FRU’G Lifters is 100% pure, freshly cold-pressed juice from fruits and veggies. No gimmicks, no concentrates, just pure simplicity. Simply, pick what fresh fruits and/or veggies from the mixed combo or customize your FRU’G Lifter. Ripe with nutritional integrity, alive with a playful personality, and powered with a healthful taste, consider lifting up your day with FRU’G LIFTERS.

FRU’G is more than about just cold-pressed juice, we want to boost each and every individual’s energy for healthier and happier lifestyle. And, for every FRU’G Lifter purchase, 25 cents is donated to a charity foundation to help find a cure and raise awareness.

Fru-G Lifters Big 4

all australian

Apple | orange | carrot
(boosts a healthy heart / vitamin C reduces risk of diseases/improves vision)

Islands Kiss

Pineapple | Orange | Apple
(Good immune booster)

inner calm

Watermelon | pineapple | pear | ginger
(thirst quencher & protects against immune defiency / strengthen bones / immune booster / aids digestion)


Cantaloupe | pear | Orange
(promotes healthy lungs / immune booster/Vitamin C reduces risk of disease)

Twee’s Hut exists where passion and purpose come together as it is an embodiment of our heritage, light-hearted spirit, and dedication to sharing our favourites from youth. While Twee Hut’s primary focus is to produce delicious food with love on a consistent basis, founders Ricky and Thuy-bee (Twee) believe in something more; caring for each and every customer that comes into the store. More than just a customer, you are our guest. Care To Share Loyalty Program iPhone Appnow available, simply down load from iTunes.

How it began…

It was more than just food and Fru’G Lifters; it was an appetite for life. Founded in 2013, duos Ricky and Thuy-bee (Twee) wanted to share with the world good eats with warm hospitality. In creating something very special, they believe in cultivating bonds with purveyors and maintaining ties with the community through social responsibility. It takes two to tango, but only need one with a big heart to care to share.

There were countless hours put in and sleepless nights prior to our launch. I could not thank enough the team, family members in particular our Parents. But especially my wife, Thuy-bee (Twee) who has been the back bone of our story.

Complimentary Special Twee’s desert with any of our main meals (eat in only and first month for takeaway excluding To-Go-Cups).
(Hope to see you soon)

Shop 26, 343
VIC 3000
(03) 9917 20 17

Twee's Care Card

*customer loyalty program Preferred Customer Card (Twee’s Care Card)

The Twee’s Hut Care Card is a customer loyalty card administer by Twee’s Hut in an effort to award the customer with their patronage. This card is strictly a reward’s card containing reward points not effective in exchange for cash value, discernable rewards, and has no significant currency value.

For every $1 spent – you accumulate 1 point. Once you achieve 50 points (must achieve at least 50 points before redeeming), you will receive $5 credit on your Twee’s Care Card. A Twee’s Care Card is uniquely yours with your contact information stored safely.

Twee’s Care Card FAQs

1.) What is a Twee’s Care Card?
For every $1 spent – you accumulate 1 point. Once you achieve 50 points (must achieve at least 50 points before redeeming), you will receive $5 credit on your Twee’s Care Card. From time to time, we may have special offer, promotion, competition, and other cool things.

2.) How do I get Twee’s Care Card?
Oops, I lost mine, now what? Stop into our store, and ask our friendly staff members for a card at no cost to you.

3.) Are the card and membership it free?
Yes, they are both free.

4.) I just spent $50, can I use my $5 credit right away in the same purchase.
You may use $5 credit for the next purchase on the next visit.

5.) I forgot my card. Can I can still redeem or use my points?
Fortunately, we do keep your records. Simply verify your full name and phone number. We kindly ask you bring your Twee’s Care Card though if you wish to receive and/or redeem points.

6.) Is gift card available and are points awarded for catering?.
Unfortunately, we currently do not offer gift card and points will not be awarded for catering transactions. However, we do offer packages for catering and will offer a special discount on your next catering event.

Legality of Twee’s Care Card

1.) Twee’s Care Card points are awarded for Dine In or Take Out purchases only. Points will not be awarded for catering, taxes, discounts, or gratuities.

2.) Twee’s Care Card points are rounded to the nearest dollar.

3.) Twee’s Card Card must be presented to earn points at the time of purchase. The restaurant is not permitted to add points to a member’s card for prior visits.

4.) A minimum of 50 points ($50 in pre-tax dollars) needed to redeem points. Every pre-tax $1 spent will result in 1 point.

5.) Twee’s Care Card points may be used only for food store purchases excluding gift card sales and catering.

6.) Points cannot be stacked from other different cards. We only honor each card. However, you may use as many cards with points as you like during a visit.

7.) Reward points have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash. This card is used as a method of rewarding you for your patronage.